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Want to Get Six Pack Abs? Here the Top 6 Rules to Follow

For women, it's a sexy stomach that they might be aiming to have while for men, it's developing a six-pack abs.  No matter what your body's current state is in terms of fitness, it does pay to do your best and stay committed to a good workout routine and having a healthy eating lifestyle so that you can achieve to have that six pack abs or the sexy stomach that you've always wanted to have.

The Top 6 Six-Pack Abs Rules to Follow!

Since it is six-pack abs that you're virtually working for, let us take a look at the top six rules that you need to follow if this is something that you would like to achieve:

1. Follow the first basic rule of losing fat in your belly.
Let's say that you're a man who is 'cursed' with the proverbial beer belly. If this it the case, the first thing that you need to work on is losing the fat first.  Whether it's too much alcohol or leading a sedentary, inactive lifestyle, this is something that you need to change first if you wish to have rippling, six pack abs. Then, the development of the crunch in the abdominal area is what comes next.

2. Use a combination of diet and exercise to achieve your six pack abs goal.
Make sure to always use a combination of diet and exercise to achieve your goals of having a six pack. As mentioned earlier, having a six pack is a matter of losing the fat belly first – which can be done through dieting or eating more healthy foods.  The second part is achieving your goal of having six pack abs through exercising.

3. To lose the most amount of calories, use exercises involving total body movements instead of proceeding immediately to targeting the abs itself.
Proceeding to targeted exercises immediately when you still have that body fat to lose is perhaps one of the most common mistakes made when it comes to achieving six-pack abs.

Instead of immediately going with targeted exercises, you should first try to lose as much of your body fat as you can by doing exercises involving total body movements. Some total body exercises that you can do include squats, chinups, deadlifts and pushups.

4. Try to get as much variety in your abs training as you possibly can.
Make it a rule to 'surprise' your body every time you workout.  Go for on extra rep this week and achieve a milestone by doing a couple more reps next week. The variety of training is exactly what the body needs so that you can achieve a rippling stomach.
5.  Give your body plenty of time to rest in between workouts.
Muscles actually grow during the rest period – so make sure to always give your body plenty of time to rest in between your abs workout sessions.

6. Don't workout for more than 60 minutes, otherwise you'll be defeating your purpose of building six pack abs.
An intense 45 to 60 minute workout 'works best'.  That's probably the best rule that you can follow when it comes to getting the six pack abs that you've always wanted to have.

With these top six rules to follow, you will have a sexy stomach or a rippling set of abdominal muscles in no time at all! If you are looking for a complete six pack abs program that has all the details including diet etc, you should look for Mike Geary's Truth About Six Pack Abs or Vince Delmonte's Your Six Pack Quest.

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